Service Management

Track all the Customer Reported Cases End-to-End

Raise resolution tickets, automatically generate case reference numbers, product classes and different details that are completely accessible for quick access. Utilization of alerts and notifications for quicker reaction time and escalating more significant issues to top authorities. eLite BAM provides a 360-degree view of complete customer historical data for agents to reduce the overall resolution timeframe.

  • Configure Service Level Agreements which enables the customer to get access to different levels of service.
  • Act swiftly with alerts and notifications generated to keep you informed with all the scheduled activities
  • Cases can be routed or shared with different user or team and escalated to higher level of authorities if not solved in the given time
  • Customer Entitlements are available for defining the kind of services, customer is eligible for personalized communication with the customer

Pre-defined Knowledge Base Articles to assist customer service support

Make it simple for your service team and your clients to discover the appropriate responses they require through knowledge base articles. Sort out, configure and distribute content effortlessly permitting your clients and service team to rapidly find the data they require to boost customer satisfaction and engagement

  • Set up knowledge base articles to establish the format and quickly locate information while answering a customer query or complaints
  • Using subject organizational structure, you can mark and categorize knowledge base articles as per the organization standards
  • A knowledge management centralizes all of the articles and makes it accessible and searchable as the need arises
  • Reduce the cost of service and support workload by providing a consistent experience for users throughout

Responding to customers complaint through Social Media Listening

eLite BAM is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. which helps to gather data and information about each potential customer. View and respond to any new customer posts on your Facebook wall or twitter feeds from your CRM dashboard and respond to their queries from a single platform. Now you can actually create better digital relationships that translate into real-life customers.

  • Track Hashtag and phrases on social media platforms to analyze how popular the product is and responding to any queries of the customer on the solution itself.
  • Acknowledge customer issues in a quick manner to increase the chances of creating new customer base for your business
  • Helps in personalizing your responses and makes it easy to create one-to-one interaction which in turn help resolving issues at a personalized level.
  • Attract new audiences and reinforce relationships with the ones you already have and take your business to new heights

Keeping a track on the time spent on handling customer’s complaint

Integrate various enquiry sources such as email, chats phone calls, partner websites, social platforms etc. Establish better visibility into case management with time tracking directly tied to the customer record. Service professionals can easily track time spent with a given client. It helps in getting insight into service team performance in resolving the issue in an efficient manner.

  • Keep a close track & manage resource and resources groups aligned to the service of a case to ensure timely resolution
  • Reducing the Turnaround time and downtime, you can enhance the customer service graph of your business
  • Assign Facilities/equipment to the resource and resource group as per requirement of the registered complaint
  • Inbuilt CTI Adaptors through Unified Service Desk feature present in Dynamics 365 Service Desk for IVRS integration and automatic screen populations
  • SMS Adaptors are built in the default system to cater for your SMS needs and there is Integration with external chat clients to take care of your chat requirements effectively
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