Sales Management

Know your leads and their preferences for personalized communication

Manage your vital leads information comprising of key contacts, communication history, behaviour, potential value and more — quickly and easily. You’ll get a complete picture of all your customers history which would guide your sales team on how to engage with them to move forward with deals

  • Provide complete insights into leads history to your sales professional for better understanding on their behaviour
  • Centralize customer interactions, meetings/appointments as well as email history in one place with eLite BAM for worldwide sharing and collaboration
  • Manage your customer meetings while on the move and access critical information through the Dynamics 365 mobile application
  • Gain access to social content for understanding what contacts are saying about your products or services

Simplify your transition from leads to order fulfilment

With eLite BAM sales module, shorten your sales cycle and easily navigate through the first lead creation, convert more leads into opportunities, to final sale making it easy for sales professionals to achieve their certain targets. A complete Sales package in one solution helps organisations gain visibility into each stage to close more deals.

  • Keep records of which products are part of the deal, including quantity, standard price, product codes and more
  • Easily convert a lead to an opportunity in just a single click and shorten the quote, order and invoice to delivery timeframe for better customer experience
  • Built-in quote modules help in automatically populating a quote with relevant customer data, generate a PDF and email to customers directly
  • Generate invoice and help finance team gain complete visibility on the payables with auto entries to vouchers and ledgers

Facilitate easy workflow configurations and approvals for faster closures

Configure your workflows and approvals through user interface by providing your employees a simple form based input function for automating business processes. Define multi-level approvals for automated assignment of records and email alerts for deals, assign records as a deal moves through the different stages and more.

  • A simple form interface to configure forms and workflows which makes it immediately familiar and provides ease of usage to anybody accessing the solution
  • Real time Monitoring and multi-level approvals handling to provide visibility across different levels of organisations
  • Guide sales agents through qualification conversions, organized business process tray mentioning next steps to follow to close the deal
  • Define workflows and automate the approval process for any business requests and trigger approvals based on company regulations

Emphasizes on focused action and approach towards top priorities

Emphasizes on viewing critical activities that needs attention first. Review your sales pipeline to understand what stage your deal is in, and the actions you need to make to close more deals. Manage and Track all the activities created and associated with each sales stages and receive auto email alerts for action.

  • Focus on what’s most important with our intuitive dashboards, notification and alerts for prioritizing the next actions
  • View deal status and stages with sales pipeline and drill down to gain more information further
  • Schedule and assign activities that needs to be followed to appropriate agents and can be seen in the dashboard of the agent to focus and act on the right priorities
  • View complete list of opportunities by stages and deal activities across your entire team and understand deal progress and risks effectively

Single opportunity

Track all recent lead/opportunities/Quotes at a single screen.

Define goals for
faster closures

You can set a target revenue that has to be met within a time-frame.

your competitors

Adding and maintaining competitor records that helps in analysing sales strategies.


Automatic generation of reports which gives an analysis about leads, opportunities, activities and many more aspects.

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