Finance Management

Follow best practice of accounting standards & activities effectively

Recording all transactions in a page and creating ledgers and journal entries automatically is the core feature needed by any business to grow properly. With our finance module, you can accurately plan purchases and improve cash flow for your organization. Track & keep a check on expenditures & manage your financials in a better manner.

  • Make all journal entries with proper debits and credits in one place to not to miss any transaction from your official books
  • Every transaction held in system will be recorder in your framework automatically in their respective ledgers.
  • Even the ledgers and accounts will be auto created in the system with the help of transaction you make.
  • Manage all payments across your entire business with a single settlement engine and maintain your balance sheet accordingly.

Maintain accurate & accessible financial information globally

We provide financial professional services on cloud for all organizations, additionally each component of our solution is modular, enabling it to be deployed and integrated with existing investments as required. Businesses can manage a standard chart-of-accounts across subsidiaries, or use separate charts-of-accounts for each subsidiary.

  • Track all the activities and transactions recorded in eLite BAM on the basis of user to make the system more secure and flexible
  • You can maintain all entries of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense based on accounts present in chart of accounts
  • With our end-to-end account receivables, streamline every aspect of invoice delivery, credit and automatic postings to the respective ledgers and reports accordingly
  • Improve liquidity and funding gaps with accounts payable and automate processing and payment of invoices

Manage ledgers & accounting activities of an organization

Transform your finance experience with our flexible general ledger module that enables businesses to tailor the Ledgers to meet their unique business needs and changing conditions. eLite BAM’s general ledger gives finance scalability and visibility to track the payments and receipts exclusively which helps in closing your books ahead of schedule.

  • Bank ledgers helps maintaining bank ledger to see the transaction on bank level including all debit/credit entries
  • Income ledger Master helps you in maintaining income received other than the accumulated accounting entries
  • Make a schedule of funds transfer and receive set reminders to ensure transfers in timely manner
  • Define the mode and utility of payments being made and maintain cheque information against each transaction for future reference
  • General ledger master allows you to create a master of all ledgers and create new ledgers as per need of your business

Get Real-Time insights in your revenue through reporting

Visit all accounting parameters like revenue, bad debts etc in a single framework. eLite BAM enables you to be more strategic and focus on the need to optimize cash and manage liquidity by providing a complete view of your business position through multiple reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss etc.

  • Monitor cash requirements, perform automated bank reconciliations, distribute payments securely and automatically generate reports from accounting entries record in eLite BAM
  • Always keep a record of overall revenue which helps in assessing the financial position of the company as and when required
  • Reporting has always been a backbone of accounting systems and eLite BAM provides an easy interface for you to generate all the critical reports effectively
  • Generate reports in PDF, excel and other formats as per the requirement
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