Service Management


eLite BAM Service management module helps and supports in retaining your customer by providing best in class customer service experience. It empowers your organization with information to build and support long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.
With fast access to service requests, call and history, interactions, knowledge base articles, e-mails, you'll have complete data at your fingertips to help in quickly resolving issues.

Case Management

eLite-BAM follows a procedural way of handling and tracking customer complaints in real time for customer satisfaction. We can track activities which are aligned to resolve the issue from the beginning to the end of the case. If the case is not resolved in given time, it gets routed or can be shared to different user or team. Cases can also be added to queues which results in more efficient case distribution and resolution.

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Tracks response accuracy and reduces response time with knowledge base articles

It is a repository of information that has some pre-defined questions and answers which are categorized by subjects. eLite-BAM gives an option of Knowledge Base articles which is designed to assist customer service representatives to help answer questions and resolve cases in a timely manner. These articles are used to organize cases and products. There are some automated templates in eLite BAM which can be used to form Knowledge Base articles.

Provides customer information access to support teams for quick action

For more powerful automation and collaboration, cases can also be transferred to specific users, teams or can be added to queues which helps in monitoring and managing resolution time effectively. eLite-BAM allows you track customer service agreements through contracts and contract lines. Service Level Agreements and entitlements are there which makes customer service team aware of what type and which all services are the customers eligible for.

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Creates service activities, schedules and appointments

In eLite-BAM, we can create service activities, schedules and appointments which will help ensure customer’s happiness with the business. We can track activities which are aligned to resolve the issue from the beginning to the end of the case. Schedules and appointments act as a notification or an alert for the customer support team to manage customer’s queries in a timely manner.

Monitor employee's performance with dashboards and reports

Dashboards are collections of charts and organization insights that you can modify to show key performance indicators and other important data. An intuitive and interactive experience for managing customer service that pull together key information so you can focus on what’s more important and get things done faster. This service has been designed to simplify your day-to-day job and it shows you all your vital information in one place, and lets you focus on things that require your attention.

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