Project Management

A Central Database and Accessibility from Anywhere

Provide your staff with access to customer information anytime and anywhere. You can also manage customer data away from the office, keeping centrally stored data safe rather than managing the integrity of several data storages. Data cleansing is also less complex as there is a central database.

  • A central database also means your staff works more efficiently as they all have access to more data
  • Accessibility from anywhere is necessary, as in the area of project management, your team needs access to information whether in the office, on the road or on the jobsite and this enhances communication between your staff.
  • Greater control over all your project documents. They are easily retrievable in the event of a dispute or claim and are never lost or misplaced, Better user accountability through which you can then easily track who created, modified or approved certain documents
  • Resource handling and management in an efficient manner can be done using Hand book or resource book in eLite BAM where you can see the current scenario of every individual

Boost acceleration of the new staff onboarded in the organization

A new staff member comes onto a project half way through, can easily get up to speed by simply checking the documents and reports already entered into your project management system. All the required information to get new employees comfortable and familiar with the project is collated, ready and waiting for them.

  • Manage your staff by providing access to critical information and increase collaboration between separate teams for improved efficiency
  • Provide Gantt chart feature to your staff, which gives clarity for better planning and enhanced communication between the teams
  • Calendar maintenance in eLite BAM enables a team member to share their calendar with others, and to add other team members’ calendars to their own calendar view. This view helps team members see at a glance what the others are planning, scheduling, and working on, and thus they can proactively jump in where assistance or support is needed
  • Integration with Timesheet Management helps in prioritizing projects for the team

Bridging the systems to get your departments to collaborate

By bridging the systems together, eliminate silos and provide visibility to sales, marketing, service, and operations teams. Problems of inaccurate information, loss of customer data and miscommunication are greatly avoided. Every department is on the same page which helps in improving the coordination and communication among them.

  • Increases customer interaction with the project team by giving them feedback and inputs on the on-going project
  • Helps organizations by managing the customer lifecycle from project start to project completion in one system for more customer satisfaction
  • Separate departments can collaborate on client initiatives and deliverables through reports, dashboards, task management, reporting and budgeting.
  • Check the status of your projects you are managing and share them with team members for more visibility in operations

Get everything at one place from project sales to delivery

Interactive 3D Dashboards and Reports in eLite BAM gives high-level overview and portfolio of all projects, drills all the way down into specific days of cost, months etc. and provides a rich visual service. It helps in lowering the project cost by running projects more efficiently and also reduces the work effort.

  • Monitor the status of your project every now and then and accordingly distribute work to team members as per requirement.
  • 360-degree view of what’s being worked on, solves the problem of going to multiple systems for project details.
  • Keeping a track of everything at one place empowers teams to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Interactive 3D Dashboards and Reports gives a comprehensive view of the project performance by giving an intuitive experience.
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