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Know your Accounts & Contacts Better with 360-degree view

Contact Management is all about maintaining relationships. The highlighting feature of our solution is that it lets you analyze and decide the future course of action with your contacts in a single view. A 360-degree view of the contacts can be seen and managed at a single page. This would guide your sales team on how to engage with them to move forward with deals.

  • Never miss any critical information of your contacts and initiate personalized communication for enhanced customer's satisfaction.
  • Gain powerful insights in your customer history by having a 360-degree view and provide an engaging experience to your customers as well as agents
  • Build confidence in the customers minds by giving customer specific suggestions based on actual buying history and needs
  • With Notification and Alerts, generate automatic email alerts or reminders to contact the desired person or account.

Connect with your Contacts at any moment from anywhere

Support your clients whenever and wherever they require any assistance. Deliver the customized, consistent service to the client over their choice of medium and channel including social media. The mobile app pulls in significant social profile data from customer records and contacts, giving you profound experience so you can walk into that imperative deals meeting with confidence.

  • Access all the accounts and contact data you need to keep deals moving from anywhere.
  • Personalize your interactions with the contacts using Activities like email, appointment and phone calls.
  • Manage contacts faster and better by getting access to the customer’s information from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Contact management online enables better communication across the organizations and its subsidiaries through sharing important information or documents related

Social Listening to have a drill down view of your customers

eLite BAM has integration with social networking websites like Twitter etc. which helps gather data and information about the customer. Getting deeper insights about customer through social listening is an added advantage for the sales team in planning and making strategies for further course of action.

  • Track Hashtag and phrases on social media platforms to analyze how popular the product is.
  • Gauging the sentiments of the public and their perception by tracking the feed of the product or organization on social media platforms.
  • Identifying the influencers because they drive engagement and word-of-mouth communication to your brand at a higher rate than standard organic methods which helps in improving the customer service.
  • Attract new audiences and reinforce relationships with the ones you already have.

Find Contacts using Advanced Find and Basic Search Option.

Searching in eLite BAM is excellent for surfacing information with its query and filter capabilities with features like Advanced Find and Search. We can get information about any contact at one click which in turn makes retrieval of information easy. A basic search can be done with quick search and more advanced searching and filtering is done with the advanced find.

  • Use queries to get information about customers and filter data using case, activity, competitor, user, opportunity etc.
  • Use Advanced Search to fetch information related to anything in the CRM like contact, opportunities, quote, order, campaign, responses etc. This reduces the workload and hassle of the user to a great extent.
  • Using the grid view, change the view which changes the filter of records, and you can easily sort the grid.
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