Procurement and Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage & control inventory status for effective business

eLite BAM offers you the new age stock administration framework which help you in keeping up your Inventory, Warehouse and Vendors on single framework. Now maintaining and overseeing stocks will be the least demanding undertaking for an Inventory professional and ensure improved inventory position and procurement requirement by accessing real time checks.

  • Track your Inventory and stay updated with your current stock with our intuitive UI and 100% accurate system
  • Keep your Inventory ledger ready with our one click reports to ensure the better visibility of stocks
  • Now you can track the minute details of product like purchase cost and Expiry dates on your fingertips
  • Complete order management process including automatic reorder functionality to ensure the availability of products in warehouse

Streamline your Procurement to Payment Functions

Rethink the procurement procedure with eLite BAM to guarantee the best outcomes in industry, we have observed all stuffs happens in a stockroom and organized the same in a more simplified manner. Integrated with Finance management for payments, this module help from raising purchase requisition requests, quote creation order management, and invoice handling. Also, Vendor portal ensures complete automation and seamless to and fro communication.

  • Create purchase requisition with multiple vendors and allow them to put their rate
  • Maintain list of products with their concerned vendors, you can also map single product with multiple vendors
  • Get multiple quotes from multiple vendors to ensure you choose the best deal out of it.
  • Get multi-level approval on your Purchase Requisition, Quotes and purchase orders, to ensure the zero-error functionality
  • Empower your vendors with our vendor portal, which enable vendors to provide quotes, invoices and approvals

Complete Vendor Management for better negotiations and competitive deals

Purchase handling is the most critical process in term of overseeing vendors and stock. Vendors can be easily onboarded and every transaction is tracked, analyzed and then included in the vendor profile, letting users easily keep track of vendor related businesses.

  • See the competitive prices on Quotes from different vendors and approve the best suited quote and place order
  • Now vendor can create Quotes, approve purchase orders and track the dispatched order on their respective panels
  • You can reject quotes multiple times and negotiate online with vendors by the help of our vendor portal to crack the best deal
  • Always get the pendency reports and dashboards of all pending PO’s and pending inward inventory in a click

Get detailed information of your products coming to your location

Inventory processes are incomplete without inward functionalities and eLite BAM took the most out of it in inward process, we created a process suited for all level of organizations. Inward process is highly adaptable and helps you to automate your warehouse with the minimal manual efforts.

  • Create GRN with the list of products including the Purchase Invoice which is associated to a Purchase Order
  • Make Quality report of the product received and send across to vendors and maintain transparency in terms of required parameters and rejection reasons
  • Shelf maintenance is the most unique feature offered with our solution, keep your product handy with our shelf allocation feature
  • Gate pass is another exciting feature which enables you to transfer your stock to different Delivery Locations/Stores hassle-free
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