Sales Management


eLite BAM supports your sales team throughout the sales cycle. Improve sales performance of sales team with automated and configurable application processing that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.
eLite BAM supports the sales cycle from first contact creation to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyse, manage and target new as well as existing customers, effectively.

Lead Identification

Initiate a new Campaign which can be done through various channels and people who respond are treated as Leads. eLite-BAM helps you track all the relevant information about the Leads like contact details, source, competitors and many more. The product also offers managing and tracking the campaigns which in turn helps giving insights about your marketing activities. It has all that you need to convert more leads faster and better.

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Opportunity Management

There is a Sales Activity Dashboard page which gives you a real-time overview of where all your opportunities are aligned in the sales process steps. eLite-BAM provides sales pipeline management methodology which helps the above mentioned and helps giving more insights about the opportunities, improves the win rate and allows you to keep all relevant information organized in one place.

Activity Management

All the activities on-going with Opportunity(qualified lead) can be seen in eLite-BAM like customer needs, current situation, proposed solution , competitors and many more. It ensures leads never fall through the cracks and that the right sales reps follow up on leads while they’re hot.

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Task Assignment

Never miss a follow up on your hot leads. Assign tasks to concerned department and track it. This will help you maintaining timelines and record the transactions made. Plan your work in more efficient way to reduce the last time rush, create, assign and track you daily assignments, so that you can work effectively toward the daily challenges.

Routes and assigns records

Route/Assign cases to relevant department so that customer get timely responses and fair resolution to all his queries which significantly increase chances of conversion. The agent who creates the task should assign the owner to it. However, you can re-assign tasks to yourself or other agents when required. Tasks can also be assigned through automation rules.

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Quote generation

Generate multiple quotes for your opportunity and eLite-BAM allows you to define discount and extra charges at the time of negotiation so that chances of conversion increases.

Territory Management

Bifurcating areas on the basis of type, size and assigning appropriate sales team or person to handle the sales and revenue opportunities is done by creating territories. Members of the territory are focused on the services or sales within that territory and it helps in associating the financials directly with the territory and its members. By defining territories, targets can be achieved in a timely manner and performance can be measured through reporting and analytics.

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Products and Pricing Management

Now put some competent prices for your growing business. Change in prices and rates of product is a key feature that provides you the leverage to manage prices as per the market changes.

Order Processing

When the number of sales orders starts soaring, it stands as a challenge for small and medium sized enterprises to manage the load. eLite BAM system gives you control over the sales Process, improves order handling, and visibility of your sales order processing which enhances customer satisfaction by delivering orders on time.

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Forecasting Management

Our intuitive Dashboard can give you quick insights and helps you growing your business in a spectacular manner. Make quick decisions and plan business strategies with the help of our customized dashboards.

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