Project Management


eLite BAM project management module includes several tools to support your project management team during all stages of a project lifecycle. The module is designed to perform all key tasks, such as defining scope and cost, resource allocation and planning, and generating performance reports to help minimize wastage of resources and ensure compliance with stipulated timelines. The module automates the project management process, helping you minimize the need for human intervention, and therefore, the cost involved.
The project management module enables project managers and other team members to maintain and manage all sorts of project-related info, such as project schedules, plans, status reports, thereby playing an instrumental role in identifying and resolving potential discrepancies, before the scenario gets graver. Providing project information on a real time basis, which helps ensure timely delivery of projects, the module can also be used to monitor budgets and reduce paperwork, which enhances overall organizational efficiency.

Project Performance Management

Interactive 3D Dashboards and reports in eLite-BAM gives high-level overview of all portfolio of projects, drills all the way down into specific days of cost, months etc. and provides a rich visual service. It helps in lowering the project cost by running projects more efficiently and reduces the work effort.

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Project Budget Management

Project Information has all the details of project like budget, revenue, resources and interactive Dashboards gives a rich visual service about these details for an intuitive experience. With the help of these, we can identify what is going right and wrong and do the necessary changes as required in the project.

Resource Allocation Management

Hard Book or Resource Book has details of all the resources in the organization which includes information like who all are being utilized in a project, who all are available and this is a part of staffing the project by getting more people in it.

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Complaint Management

Monitor your customer requests and issues by creating cases. When a customer contacts support with a question or problem, you can quickly check if there is a current case or open a new case and begin following the issue. You can also escalate, reassign, or put a case back into the service queue if you don’t have enough information or time to work on it.

Change Request Management

This feature allows you to make any request for changes in the project to better track individual requests. Instead of receiving emails or phone calls, a user can complete a change request within their own system.

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Timesheet Management

We can prioritize projects according to the scenario of project whether the project requires staffing or needs increase/decrease in budget. With the help of Dashboards and Reports, we can check whether the project is going on track , off track , at risk etc. All these helps the manger with time scenario.

Helps with calendar maintenance

eLite-BAM enables a team member to share their calendar with others, and to add other team members’ calendars to their own calendar view. This view helps team members see at a glance what the others are planning, scheduling, and working on, and thus they can proactively jump in where assistance or support is needed.

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Enables Project Discussions

Team Collaboration, this feature provides one common interface for customers, project managers, and partners to stay up-to-date on project progress and project risks. The whole team is able to collaborate using eLite-BAM created for the specific project.

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