Procurement and Inventory Management


eLite BAM supports your inventory officials throughout the inventory maintenance cycle. Maintaining inventory is definitely a difficult and time consuming task. It is essential to manage inventory effectively for improved productivity.
Manage your Inventory needs with eLite BAM inventory module that helps in finding and retrieving vital information quickly and easily. Inventory module supports and maintains inventory, allowing inventory management team to effectively analyze, manage and target inventory system irrespective of your location.

Product, Variation and Location Management

eLite BAM allows you to create & manage products which helps sales representative create campaigns, orders, quotes and generate invoices. We can see details of products like name, ID, cost, location, quantity and vendors associated with it which also helps in item classification, location wise inventory and variant management. We can also create product families which helps to categorize each product.

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Price List Management

Price list is the level of pricing business apply for specific products. Different Price list can be configured for products for different types of customers. Creating a price list allows you to add multiple products to the same price list and define prices for particular territories which makes sales reps aware of the charges and decide the next course of action in selling the product A schedule can also be set while making a price list.

Transfer Order (Stock Transfer Order)

Stock Transfer Order feature allows you to transfer goods from one location to another location and involves posting items as shipped and received.

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Purchase Requisition

Now send PR in a click to multiple vendors to ensure your inventory arrival on time on competent prices. You can send PR directly from eLite BAM and ensure the procurement is done on time, now forget all the offline negotiations with Vendor. Vendor can receive the Purchase Requisition request on our new Vendor Portal and accept or reject the request.

Purchase Quotes

Why work on old prices, revise your Purchase Quote when place a new order. Negotiate with vendors and compare the prices easily. Now you can have multiple prices for a single purchase requisition request, You can easily compare the prices and delivery dates and other specifications if required, Then order the best suited combination and improve overall efficiency of your production unit.

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Purchase Order

eLite BAM Allows you to create purchase order and additionally put approvals to every purchase order. Get the list of all pending POs and payment tracking. Purchase Orders act as a legal document between buyer and purchaser. eLite BAM gives you visibility of all pending PO’s also you can also track the status of every PO.

Invoice Generations

Now generate invoice in a single click for PO raised, Vendor will automatically get the invoice copy. Vendor can raise Invoices against the Purchase Orders pending, A copy of Invoice will get updated in CRM which can be used as a reference in future.

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Vendor Portal for Purchase of Inventory

eLite BAM offers you portal for your vendor which will help him to approve quotations and to see their New/Pending PR and PO. Vendor portal also allows you to create quotes and modify them multiple times. Vendor can also track his pending payments and paid invoices.


Automatically Assemble Finished Products from Raw Materials, Updating the Inventory Accordingly, eLite BAM allows you to maintain BOM in system, This feature can help you to maintain the inventory of constituent products to create a finished goods.

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Manage Returns & Refunds Easily

Now manage returns & refund easily with eLite BAM, It gives you the ability to update returns & refunds in system. You can also generate replacement orders for rejected items and also request for refund and track them as a pending payment receivables.


Set a reorder quantity on product and enjoy automatic PO creation in a click for particular product. eLite BAM empowers you to keep an eye on the stock which are below the reorder quantity, Reorder feature allows you to keep a threshold limit very every product so that never goes out of stock.

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Integrated with Finance Management

Enjoy Hassle free payment management in eLite BAM, Get the direct entry in finance once any transaction happened in system. You can see all pending and received payments with in a specified timeframe. This helps you to track the overall outstanding amount for both Debit and Credit entries.

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