Human Resource Management

Accelerate HR Processes & Centralize data

Spend more time helping employees grow. Automate everything from creating employee, to onboarding and feedback. Access your global employee data instantly and retrieve it without any hassle. Search employees and analyze attrition reports - all from a single dashboard. Initiate proper engagement and enable your employees to achieve their maximum capacity.

  • Interactive 3D Dashboards and Reports gives a high overall and drill down view into the details of employees
  • Make best impressions by reducing the manual effort of HR during On-boarding and Exit process
  • Keeping the track of employee’s disciplinary behavior by maintaining a violation and a suspension management system
  • Employee’s Training & Development facility for the new hired people to keep a check on their progress in the probation period
  • Enhanced 360-degree view of employee in one click
  • Manage leave configurations, reimbursements configurations, travel, facilities, payroll, alerts, notification, performance management and much more

Self Service User Interface

Employee Self Service Portal gives immediate access to critical information with the ability to update and act upon transactions in the workplace, without having to go through the HR staff. Our HRMS encourages staff participation in company’s growth by providing transparency and interactive user interface.

  • Open, transparent and interactive self-service portal helps in engagement of employees with HR and the complete system
  • Seamless integration between the systems i.e. eLite BAM and self-service portal for more transparency and automated to and fro communications
  • View HR alerts, notifications, news and repository of documents like forms and manuals & upload documents to the portal
  • Managers can see reports of their team’s individuals and manage them in an efficient manner
  • Easy accessibility for employees from anywhere and anytime & reduced workload for HR in handling queries
  • Employee can manage their leaves, reimbursements, facilities, grievances, exit, travel, payroll as well as update profile as required and much more

Timesheet Management

An employee timesheet is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent working. The more manageable the process, the more likely timesheets will be accurate and entered on time, ensuring you capture the right information the first time and every time.

  • Employees always remain satisfied that their record is correct and free from any possible error.
  • Record all your work items in a single click & get a rich visual service using Dashboards and reports
  • Automate many of your payroll and human resources tasks, such as time off, leave requests and approvals.
  • Employees will be able to access their own information as system users which will create a sense of ownership.

Keeping a track of Reimbursed amount

Reimbursement tracking enables associations to overcome all repayment related difficulties effectively. It precisely tracks and records complete repayment points of interest of the employees, dispenses genuine repayments and reflects coordinate reserve funds in your operational expenses.

  • Streamlines your reimbursement process and saves a lot of time as it reduces tedious paperwork.
  • Status of the reimbursement can be tracked at anytime and anywhere which reduces a lot of hassle for both the employee and the HR.
  • Payroll integration for quick addition of reimbursement & increase reimbursements with electronic claims remittance.
  • Submission of claims by employees and online ledger showing their current balance, allowance, claims and reimbursements.

Managing Payroll

Reduce the headache of doing cumbersome paperwork and manage payrolls of employee in an efficient manner. eLite BAM helps in easy administration and serves with financial features like employee’s salary, payment, gross pay, deductions, & creation of pay-slips for a particular time.

  • Define employee bands and relevant salary structure as well as leave configurations for payroll processing
  • Integration with Timesheet management to keep a check on employee’s time spent working.
  • Eliminate errors in payroll process and evaluate calculations quicker like tax, sick pay and others.
  • Monitor payroll of employees instantly & generate payroll while updating financial books in one go with salary generation module
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