Human Resource Management


With eLite BAM Human Resource Management module, organize and streamline your day to day activities while reducing manual processes, and reduce the risk of errors with payroll. The HR module product provides an end-to-end solution that offers incentive compensation, expense reporting and payroll tools, all built into a self-service portal.

Employee Management

With the assistance of Employee Management, you can keep a close eye on the achievements, goals, specialization, demographics, salary, leaves, reimbursements and project on which he or she is aligned, This helps you to analyze the overall productivity of an employee to ensure the better utilization of resourses.

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Recruitment & Selection

eLite-BAM allows you to create new jobs which includes details like job profile, status, source of applications, number of rounds, number of applicants, HR approval, job posting, application handling and feedback of interviewer. This contains everything required in a recruitment procedure to ensure an easy and transparent process.

Training & Development

Training and development is an important aspect. With eLite BAM you can define number of sessions, number of expected attendees and allocate budget of training sessions which enable employees to grow personally, professionally and enhance their interpersonal skills that make them more effective in their jobs and workplace relationships.

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Performance Appraisal

One can keep a track and assess the performance of employees using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), eLite BAM empowers you to automate appraisal process and keep your employees updated regarding the same. You can define multiple stages and discussions in system to automate Appraisal process.


This feature helps you to automate salaries of employees in a click, as all data regarding leaves, Reimbursements, Appraisals, Salary details etc. are already available in system. This seamless process helps eliminating manual errors in salary calculation. All bands and expenses are already defined in the system and hence the salary calculation happens in a click.

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Leave Management

This feature lets employees keep a check on their leave balances, can apply leaves and track the approval status as well. By automating the leave approval process, you can curtail unexcused absences and contain HR overheads. This gives a brief of total leaves availed and leaves left in account of employee. This also provide the summary of team present on a specific day.

Facilities Management

Any need of the employees can be managed and processed through Facilities Management. Employee can raise any request from their employee portal and that will get routed to the concerned department, Also employee can track the status of his request. This feature empowers employees to ask for any facility or requirements.

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Query, Complaints Management

Complaints and queries of the employees can be tracked and managed in eLite-BAM. Employee can generate query or complaints from his portal and track the status of same. Query/ Complaint will get routed to the concerned department and necessary actions will be taken. This will be treated as a case under case management.

Reimbursement Management

Official local, domestic and International trips would be kept in check and reimbursed through this feature in eLite-BAM and is linked to payroll directly. You can now create your reimbursements from system and attach the required proofs and also get that approved form your next approver. This makes your papers work zero and exclude you from the queue of manual approvers.

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