Marketing & Event Management


eLite BAM’s marketing and event management module helps you streamline the workflow for managing a marketing or event management project. The module includes various tools to support your event management teams at different steps, such as creating the event (in the system) and maintaining detailed reports related to the event. The module stores and makes available important info about the event to ensure your team members have necessary data at their fingertips and can take swift and accurate decisions.
eLite BAM Marketing management module ensures tracking of various marketing strategies effectively. It helps in planning and making informed decisions at the right time. The tools of the module help automate and track marketing activities and provide a 360-degree view of the process. The module also helps track right customer at the right time, eliminate paperwork, reduce costs and time, improve campaign management, schedule marketing activities and optimally utilize marketing resources, and also aids in faster and easier response tracking.

Helps in campaign management

eLite-BAM campaign management feature gives you the power to run marketing campaigns, track campaign budget, activities, responses and it gives you an insight into ROI (Return On Investment) for each campaign. We can associate target products or price lists and can create multiple planning activities associated with the campaign. Campaign also has the ability to target multiple marketing lists. You can outsource your campaign activities through vendors associated with the organization.

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Helps in Advertisements

When you create a campaign, eLite-BAM allows you to define the type of campaign like Advertisements, Direct marketing, Co – Branding, event and other. These type of campaigns are built to accomplish a particular objective or a set of objectives which usually include establishing a brand, raising brand awareness, aggrandizing the rate of conversions/sales. These campaigns become a medium of customer touchpoint.

Quick Communication (Email Templates)

eLite-BAM has an option of creating email templates and sending bulk emails to all or selected contacts. The main purpose of creating templates is to save time because it contains prefilled data that user specifies and reduces the repetitive work. Mail merge and email merge allow you to pull data, such as a person’s name, into an email, letter or fax and allows you to personalize the message. These tools are typically used by marketing and sales groups.

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Integrated with social networking site

eLite-BAM combines the energy of online networking into your selling procedure so you can build better, more grounded connections, and close deals quicker. You can track the social buzz about your brands at a glance by tracking the number of posts, public perception about your product and gaining insights about the geographical location of posts

Route, assign or share with appropriate marketing team or person

eLite-BAM gives you an option of assigning or sharing leads with different users or teams based on location, campaign, event, source code and more. Route/Assign cases to relevant department so that customer get timely responses which significantly increase chances of conversion. It can also be done through automatic routing rules.

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