• Service Management

    eLite BAM’s service management module includes an array of tools to extract, analyze and store customer data and serve them better. Your team can use the tools to suggest and offer the services that best suit the needs of your customers. The module automates the service management process, so that your team members have detailed customer information, including their recent orders and service requests, details about past interactions, and the disposition of the interactions.

    eLite BAM service management module helps and supports in retaining your customer by providing best in class customer service experience. It empowers your organization with information to build and support long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. Offering fast access to service requests, call and history, interactions, knowledge base articles, e-mails, the service management module gives you complete case data at your fingertips, to help resolve issues and concern quickly and effectively.


    Case Management
    Helps track customer complaints in real time for customer satisfaction
    Provides customer information access to support teams for quick action
    Monitors and manages case resolution times effectively.
    Tracks response accuracy and reduces response time with knowledge base articles
    Creates service activities, schedules and appointments
    Helps monitor employee's performance with dashboards and reports
    Creates contracts and contract lines

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