• Sales Management

    eLite BAM’s sales management module helps your team extract, analyze, and store important data related to customer preferences and buying behavior, with an aim to ensure optimal sales delivery and customer satisfaction. The module includes a number of tools that assist your team members serve your current and prospective customers based on their nature and preferences. The module automates the sales management process, saving the time of your team member and the cost of the additional human hours.

    eLite BAM supports your sales team throughout the sales cycle. The sales management module includes automated and configurable application processing features that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency. eLite BAM sales management module supports the sales cycle from first contact creation to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyse, manage and target new and existing customers.


    Lead identification
    Opportunity management
    Activity Management
    Task Assignment
    Routes and assigns records
    Quote generation
    Territory Management
    Products and pricing management
    Order processing
    Invoice generation
    Territory management
    Forecasting management

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