• Project Management

    eLite BAM project management module includes several tools to support your project management team during all stages of a project lifecycle. The module is designed to perform all key tasks, such as defining scope and cost, resource allocation and planning, and generating performance reports to help minimize wastage of resources and ensure compliance with stipulated timelines. The module automates the project management process, helping you minimize the need for human intervention, and therefore, the cost involved.

    The project management module enables project managers and other team members to maintain and manage all sorts of project-related info, such as project schedules, plans, status reports, thereby playing an instrumental role in identifying and resolving potential discrepancies, before the scenario gets graver. Providing project information on a real time basis, which helps ensure timely delivery of projects, the module can also be used to monitor budgets and reduce paperwork, which enhances overall organizational efficiency.


    Provides comprehensive view of the project performance
    Helps estimate project budgets and track project costs
    Assigning resources to projects and defining tasks to be complete by each member
    Helps with complaint handling
    Assists with change request management
    Helps managers with timesheet management
    Shows resource availability on the basis of department or the roles performed by them
    Streamlines the resource expenses handling process
    Helps with calendar maintenance
    Enables project discussions

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