• Procurement and Inventory Management

    eLite BAM’s procurement and inventory management module enables you to streamline and manage every phase of your inventory procurement and management process. The module provides a 360-degree view of the process to help minimize wastage. The procurement and inventory management module extracts and stores data, enabling you to take swift and accurate decisions, while allowing your team members to concentrate on their core delivery areas better, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

    Procurement and inventory management can be a tedious task, but not when you have eLite BAM’s inventory module. The built-in tools automate the inventory management process and support your inventory managers throughout the maintenance cycle. The module also enables you to find and retrieve vital information, and that too with ease. No matter the location, the module performs different functions to help your inventory management team effectively analyse, manage and target inventory systems.


    Inventory Management

    Product Management
    Item Classification
    Variant Management
    Location wise Inventory
    Transfer Order
    Price list Management

    Procurement Management

    Purchase Requisition
    Purchase Order
    Invoice Generations
    Vendor Portal for purchase of inventory
    Bill of Material
    Physical Inventory Reconciliation
    Returns and refunds management
    Reorder stock functionality to automatically generate purchase orders for products
    Assembles finished products from raw materials, while updating the inventory
    Hassle Free Payments Management
    Integrated with Finance Management

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