• HR Management

    eLite BAM’s HR management module simplifies various roadblocks in effective HR management by automating the process while giving administrators a bird's eye view of activities. The module, in addition to saving the time and efforts of your HR team, also reduces your staff’s dependence on the HR team to get important info, by storing employee data. Your team members can simply log into their respective accounts to check important info, such as leave balance, company policies, upcoming events, and more.

    With eLite BAM’s Human Resource Management module, you can organize and streamline your day-to-day activities while reducing the need for human intervention and the subsequent risk of errors. The HR management module provides a holistic solution that bundles all vital aspects of HR management, including incentive compensation, expense reporting, and payroll management, all built into an intuitive self-service portal.


    Employee management
    Recruitment & Selection
    Job Posting and Application Handling
    Interview & Selection
    Training & Development
    Performance Appraisal
    Payroll management
    Leave management
    Facilities Management
    Query, Complaints Management
    Reimbursement Management

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