• Finance Management

    eLite BAM’s finance management module bundles a wide spectrum of tools to help avoid human errors in all aspects of accounting. The module automates the entire finance management process, reducing the human effort and hours required to prepare and maintain financial records. The built-in tools support your finance team throughout the finance management process, providing an easy way to extract and store important data that can be used to make informed decisions.

    The finance management module of eLite BAM includes all core accounting functions of general ledger, general journal, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, etc. to help address all accounting and reporting needs of organizations. The robust architecture of the module ensures your financial data is protected from all conceivable risks and is available only to authorized personnel that you can easily manage.


    Streamlines the chart of accounts
    Provides full insights into transaction history
    Generates journals, recurring journals, multi-line vouchers for transactions
    Captures and enters commercial and intercompany transactions
    Captures and enters allocations, depreciation, accruals, and reversals
    Defines all the bank accounts of the company in the system for reference
    Facilitates bank reconciliation process
    Helps with TDS calculations
    Routing and Assignment Matrix
    Helps in activity management

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