• Enterprise Customer Information

    eLite Business Automation, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is an advanced CRM solution that includes a wide spectrum of modules, including enterprise customer information. The module stores data related to consumer info to help your sales team target the right prospects. The built-in tools support your customer acquisition team throughout the various stages of customer lifecycle management and help them collect, analyze, and store important data to understand consumer’s nature and preferences.

    In order to come up with winning propositions, you need to know it all about your target customers - be it their demographics, psychographic, financials, preferences, or the relationship they already have with your business. eLite BAM’s enterprise customer information module, in addition to supporting enterprise view of customers across multiple host systems, also supports a global view of customers across multiple legal entities and countries, thereby helping in managing the various lifecycle stages of customer relationship management.


    Contact management
    Account Management
    Multiple Contacts Maintenance
    Contacts linkage
    360* View of Contacts Containing History Together

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