• Enterprise Customer Information

    When more is known about customers – their demographics, psychographic, financials, preferences and the relationship they already have with the organisation, the Organisation is in a better position to offer them the right choices, increasing chances of success.

    In addition to supporting enterprise view of customers across multiple host systems, this module of eLite BAM also supports a global view of customers across multiple legal entities and countries for a multinational organisation. This helps in managing the various lifecycle stages of maintaining the relationship with the customer, and access comprehensive segmentation information, all through a unified view.


    Contact Management
    Account Management
    Multiple Contacts Maintenance
    Link Contacts Together
    360* View of Contacts Containing History Together

  • Sales Management

    eLite BAM supports your sales team throughout the sales cycle. Improve sales performance of sales team with automated and configurable application processing that help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.

    eLite BAM supports the sales cycle from first contact creation to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyse, manage and target new as well as existing customers, effectively.


    Identify Lead and Capture Information
    Opportunity Management
    Activity Management
    Task Assignment
    Routing & Assignment of Records
    Generation of Quote
    Territory Management
    Products & Pricing
    Processing Order
    Invoice Generation
    Territory Management

  • Procurement and Inventory Management

    eLite BAM supports your inventory officials throughout the inventory maintenance cycle. Maintaining inventory is definitely a difficult and time consuming task. It is essential to manage inventory effectively for improved productivity.

    Manage your Inventory needs with eLite BAM inventory module that helps in finding and retrieving vital information quickly and easily. Inventory module supports and maintains inventory, allowing inventory management team to effectively analyse, manage and target inventory system irrespective of your location.


    Inventory Management

    Product Management
    Item Classification
    Variant Management
    Location wise Inventory
    Transfer Order
    Price list Management

    Procurement Management

    Purchase Requisition
    Purchase Quote
    Purchase Order
    Invoice Generations
    Vendor Portal for purchase of inventory
    Bill of Material
    Physical Inventory Reconciliation
    Manage returns & refunds easily
    Reorder Stock Functionality to Automatically Generate Purchase Orders for Products
    Automatically Assemble Finished Products from Raw Materials, Updating the Inventory Accordingly
    Hassle Free Payments Management
    Integrated with Finance Management

  • Finance Management

    The finance management module of eLite BAM provides the core accounting functions of general ledger, general journal, chart of accounts, bank reconciliation etc. to help organizations address all of your accounting and reporting needs.


    Significantly streamline your chart of accounts and eliminate the need to work around clock
    Get full insights into transaction history
    Generate journals, recurring journals, multi-line vouchers for transactions based on accounting policies and rules defined by accounting standards
    Commercial transactions, intercompany transactions, allocations, depreciation, accruals, and reversals can all be captured and entered immediately
    Define all the bank accounts of the company in the system for reference
    Bank reconciliation process
    TDS calculations
    Routing and Assignment Matrix
    Activity Management

  • Service Management

    eLite BAM Service management module helps and supports in retaining your customer by providing best in class customer service experience. It empowers your organization with information to build and support long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    With fast access to service requests, call and history, interactions, knowledge base articles, e-mails, you'll have complete data at your fingertips to help in quickly resolving issues.


    Case Management
    Track customer complaints in real time in order to address problems immediately and enable customer satisfaction
    Provide customer information access to support teams for quick action
    Monitor and manage case resolution times effectively
    Track response accuracy and reduce response time with knowledge base articles
    Create service activities, schedules and appointments for resolution of customer service
    Monitor employee's performance with dashboards and reports.
    Create contracts and contract lines

  • HR Management

    With eLite BAM Human Resource Management module organize and streamline your day to day activities while reducing manual processes, and reduce the risk of errors with payroll. The HR module product provides an end-to-end solution that offers incentive compensation, expense reporting and payroll tools, all built into a self-service portal.


    Employee Management
    Recruitment & Selection
    Job Posting and Application Handling
    Interview & Selection
    Training & Development
    Performance Appraisal
    Leave Management
    Facilities Management
    Query, Complaints Management
    Reimbursement Management
    Payroll Management

  • Marketing & Event Management

    eLite BAM Marketing management module ensures tracking of various marketing strategies effectively. It helps in planning and making informed decisions at the right time. Take control of your marketing activities by automating and tracking marketing activities really closely.

    With this module track right customer at the right time, eliminate paper work, reduce costs and time, improve campaign management, schedule marketing activities and optimally utilize your marketing resources, faster and easier response tracking.


    Campaign Management
    Event Management
    Planning & Budgeting
    Venue Management
    Response Management
    Send e-mail, create email templates and send attachments to bulk email messages
    Vendor management
    Integration with social networking site twitter
    Route, assign or share with appropriate marketing team or person.
    Activity Management

  • Project Management

    eLite BAM Project Management module allows project managers and team members to maintain and manage project related information, project schedules and plans, project status and thus, allowing managers to identify and resolve potential discrepancies if any.

    Project management module gives access to project information anytime which in turn helps you to improve timely delivery of the project and monitor budgets while reducing tedious paperwork and ensuring customer satisfaction.


    Comprehensive view of the project performance by monitoring project status every now and then
    Project Information System
    Estimate project budgets and track costs of the project
    Assign resources to the project, as well as the tasks to be complete by each member
    Issues handling
    Change request management
    Time sheet management
    Resources availability can be viewed on the basis of departments or the roles performed by them
    Resource Expenses Handling
    Calendar Maintenance
    Project Discussion