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Top 5 Benefits of Using an Employee Self-Service Solution

Top 5 Benefits of Using an Employee Self-Service Solution

Top 5 Benefits of Using an Employee Self-Service Solution

Expanding businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to automate their processes to save time. One effective way to achieve this objective is opting for an employee self-service solution that automates your HR processes, lightening the burden on HR managers and other team members. To help managers utilize their time more productively, eLite Business Automation system has different modules, including an HR management module that helps perform a range of tasks, such as scheduling employee training sessions, payroll processing, and reimbursements management. To help answer the question, ‘why does my business needs such a solution’ the post discusses some notable benefits of using an employee self-service solution. Take a look.

1. Helps Reduce Workload

Your HR managers spend considerable time answering employee questions and addressing their concerns. An employee self-service solution automates different processes and provides info on a range of topics such as payroll and leave processing, and leave, reimbursement, and complaints management. Employees simply have to log into their accounts to get all the info they need, without having to approach the HR team on every concern. Using an employee self-service solution frees HR Team man-hours that can be devoted towards more productive or core activities, such as designing and implementing processes to track employee performance.

2. Offers More Control to Employees

Maintaining employee trust and confidence is an integral part of any successful HR strategy. Employees get frustrated when they don’t get answers to their questions, a situation that can promote feelings of distrust towards the organization. Using an employee self-service solution can address this problem by providing more control to employees to check important info such as company rules and regulations, their salary slips, and also fill out forms and other documents.

3. Ensures Legal Compliance

HR team members can commit errors when performing different tasks such as processing the payroll, providing tax info, and sharing eligibility requirements for internal job openings. The HR team also needs to provide accurate info on retirement and compensation. Changing government regulations can make providing accurate and up-to-date information an uphill task for your HR team. To help address these and other concerns, employee service solutions include all the relevant info that is periodically updated to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

4. Helps Improve Your Workforce Quality

Using an employee self-service solution can help improve the quality of your workforce by motivating them to invest more time towards self-development. Your HR team can, for instance, provide different forms on the performance management module to help employees track their performance on a month-on-month basis and take steps to address deviations. Different team members can also upload informational content on the portal to help hone their skills. Using an employee self-service solution also frees time for both, employees and managers who can utilize the time gained by conducting more training sessions.

5. Helps Reduce Paperwork

Opting for an employee self-service solution is one of the most effective ways to attain a paperless system. HR team members can upload files and documents on the portal, helping in cutting supplies costs. A paperless system also helps you fulfill your responsibility towards promoting a sustainable environment. As an organization, you can flaunt your green policy and initiatives to boost your reputation.

Automate for Growth

Using an employee self service solution helps employees save time and also empowers them by enabling them to track their KRAs and other info. eLite Business Automation system includes an HR management module that helps your HR staff with payroll processing and other tasks. It also enables them to streamline the handling of job applications and employee selection, which is important to improve applicant experience. To learn more about our self service solution or discuss your business requirements, fill out our contact form or call at (+91) 120 6127 000.

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