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7 Reasons for Business to Adopt eLite BAM – A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution

7 Reasons for Business to Adopt eLite BAM – A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution

7 Reasons for Business to Adopt eLite BAM – A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution

Today’s ultra-competitive business environment has left organizations with no choice but to turn to technology to better engage customers and stay ahead of the competition. Small to medium businesses need to implement a Customer Relationship Management software to integrate and accelerate business processes and receive an array of benefits. Though there is no dearth of CRM software solutions, eLite BAM stands out from the rest, as it is an agnostic solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this blog post, we cover seven notable advantages that make eLite BAM a perfect CRM to empower your business for the future. Read on.

1. Flexible Hosting

Be it on premise, cloud, or partner hosting, eLite BAM gives you the flexibility to choose a hosting solution that meets your business needs. If you decide to switch your hosting solution or service provider at any point, we ensure seamless migration with no impact on your processes.

2. Financially-Backed SLA

If you to move to cloud, rest assured that all the services are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. We enter into a financially-backed SLA with proper compliances and certifications, and are willing to pay a percentage of contract to the client, if SLA is not met at any point of time.

3. Seamless Integration

eLite BAM is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, which has an open architecture making it easier for the business to add, upgrade and swap components easily. The software works with Azure, O365 and Microsoft Office. Integration with Oracle, SAP and Dynamic ERP environments is also possible with the product.

4. Simplified Management

The need to always stay connected with the employees and clients is higher than ever, and this is where eLite BAM addresses the communication pain points of businesses. The versatile CRM enables users to install the app and enroll their device to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

5. Better Control

Besides delivering a unified experience to customers, eLite BAM also brings digital intelligence to each business deal. You can close deals more efficiently and faster by using and collaborating the contextual insights provided by the software. Identifying and targeting key customers and offering superior customer service gets easy with eLite BAM.

6. Real-time Tracking

eLite BAM has real-time dashboards to give your management a better overview of targets and track the overall growth. When you have figures in real-time it gets easy to make timely decisions that are beneficial for the business, employees and customers.

7. Agility

An agile platform enables the business to maximize the value of investment. eLite BAM is developed with more emphasis on people and interactions, instead of process and tools. The software adapts quickly to changes and is agile enough to cater to the incremental demands of the business.

Final Words

Be it HR management, enterprise customer sales management, marketing and event project management, inventory management or finance management, eLite BAM is here to address all the pain points of your business. We provide a customized solution that meets the needs of the business, and eventually helps you become more efficient, increase profit margin, and offer better customer service support. If there’s more that you need to learn about our CRM or wish to integrate one with your existing infrastructure, fill out the contact form. You can also drop us an email at and we will get back with you, shortly.

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